Project Overview

The Elan – Isolation South project area is located approximately 40 kilometers north of Coleman, Alberta and proposes a mine site covering approximately 2000 acres.

The Isolation South project is being proposed as a surface mine, which means:

  • overburden is first removed to expose the resource;
  • resource is extracted; and
  • overburden is subsequently directed to the mined-out pit areas to facilitate a final landform that does not look out of place with surrounding natural environment.

Once extracted, the raw coal is directed to a processing plant that separates the valuable steelmaking coal from waste rock.

Throughout the life of the mine, we manage surface water and mine water so that any water that comes into contact with mining activities is not released to environment until it is treated and meets surface water quality guidelines established by provincial and federal regulators.

Answering Albertans Tough Questions

Aerial Overview
of the Elan Project

Our Vision for Reclamation

Our mine planning starts with a view to the end land use in mind. We welcome comments on final landform, re-vegetation and re-forestation so that we can plan for a final, multi-use area that will meet the future needs of the entire community.

Our approach is similar to that of other resource projects, such as forestry, where the intermediate reclamation steps will take a little time to take hold before the natural landscape can be enjoyed as it was prior to our activity.

Our initial vision for reclamation involves re-contouring to ensure similar topography, forage vegetation to support wildlife and cattle grazing, reforestation that includes stands of sensitive species such as White Bark and Limber pines, and a wetland or lake that would support aquatic life.