Fish and Wildlife


Alberta Environment has identified a number of factors that have affected fisheries in the region.  These include habitat destruction, harvesting, and the introduction of non-native species as key contributors (click to learn more).

We have initiated discussions with Alberta Environment and Parks and other coal companies in southwestern Alberta to establish a program to help restore critical fish habitat that has been impacted by human activity over the past 100 years. While not part of the original cause, we are proudly stepping up to be part of the solution.

Please continue to check back for updates on this important initiative.



We continue to gather wildlife data that will be used to assess the effects of our proposed project. This information will be used to guide planning, mining and closure activities, including species specific terrain and forage needs.

The information we are collecting will be used to guide our planning and operating activities to mitigate impact on wildlife from our activities, and also guide our closure planning so that the area will eventually support a thriving wildlife population for many generations to come.

Please continue to check back for updates on our wildlife data collection program.

Our Vision for Reclamation

Our mine planning starts with a view to the end land use in mind. We welcome comments on final landform, re-vegetation and re-forestation so that we can plan for a final, multi-use area that will meet the future needs of the entire community.

Our approach is similar to that of other resource projects, such as forestry, where the intermediate reclamation steps will take a little time to take hold before the natural landscape can be enjoyed as it was prior to our activity.

Our initial vision for reclamation involves re-contouring to ensure similar topography, forage vegetation to support wildlife and cattle grazing, reforestation that includes stands of sensitive species such as White Bark and Limber pines, and a wetland or lake that would support aquatic life.